Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Florianus the Hunter

This is Florianus:

He is a dachshund.  He thinks he is a badger hunter.

This is Florianus' Chicken-with-a-Squeaker.

Florianus thinks that the Chicken-with-a-Squeaker is a badger.  He spends most of his time throwing the Chicken, chasing the Chicken, and chewing on the Chicken viciously.

Yesterday, Florianus killed the Chicken-with-the-Squeaker:

Then he disemboweled it.  It has gone the way of the Lobster-which-used-to-have-a-Squeaker:

(And his innards.)

Florianus took the rest of the day off after this momentous victory.
Now he will have to find something new to hunt.


Laura said...

I am so sad . . . I didn't get to meet this mighty hunter!! Sad.

ruralnebr said...

mwahh, ha, ha, ha! (Does that sound like evil chuckling?) The badger is dead!

Clara H said...

You should have mentioned that Lydia is NOT Florianus in girl form. Just sayin'.

Sara said...

LOL! I am in love with Florianus. How can he be so handsome??

Wilson's, er Judy's, Lambie also met a sad demise this weekend, though considerably less fatal. She's just down to 2 legs now and is in need of some stitches. Poor Lambie. ;)

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