Thursday, March 25, 2010

It goes on and on

Do you ever have those days when it feels like the insanity won't quit?  It starts out being okay...

...because Steve was finally home and under the covers with me and I was finally able to sleep for more than two hours without waking up, checking my cellphone, going through the bathroom routine, and desperately trying to fall asleep again.  As soon as he walks in the door each morning it's like whoosh!  Instant relief, rest, and sense of peace.  I don't have to go alone for at least a little while.

Then it gets annoying... when the silly Health and Human Services office calls me for the fifteenth time about needing more paperwork to complete my application for maternity care.  Seriously, I think that if a person wants to lose their mind entirely they should attempt to receive government benefits.  Eesh.

Then it gets infuriating...

...since I receive a phone call which reveals some of the truly illogical, maddening behavior of individuals which directly effects my family in a very negative way.  I wanted to wake Steve up and tell him that we were moving to a city of about 2 million people where no one knows me, but he was sleeping so hard that I just put on my shoes and walked to work.  In my seriously upset state, my usual 15 minute walk to work took only 4 minutes. 

Then everything gets compounded...

...with work drama, the fact that my car is still inoperable (despite the new $140 alternator), a virus causing our computer to completely wig out, and the dog going to the bathroom on the floor.  Add on miscommunication about transportation to club (I was only 15 minutes late), an hour of hollering at antsy children, and a relatively useless meeting in the evening and you've got my day.

The thing about these types of days is that when it really is awful and frustrating, God gives grace so obviously.  He gave me a husband who listens to me and talks reasonably about the difficulties, while helping me laugh at the absurdity of most of it.  He gives us the distractions of a friend to eat dinner with us.  He gives us the reminder that he causes everything to work together when things feel like they are falling apart.  He even gives funny shows on Netflix to help me find humor in something that is far removed from the things that are pressing down here.  If it weren't for this grace, I probably would have thrown up today - and morning sickness would have had nothing to do with it.

Pray for my family.  Things stink right now in so many ways (and I don't mean Adams'-Feedlot-In-The-Springtime).  Pray for patience and understanding so that we might respond to situations in ways that reflect Who we claim to follow.  Pray that Steve and I will find a way to deal maturely with his job situation.  I'm not going to gloss it over.  It's hard.  However, I believe that we can recognize the difficulty without launching into another round of melodramatics (as fun as that is sometimes).  Trusting God for daily joy in him is so greatly desired right now.

Good night, oh ridiculous, absurd, no-good-very-bad day.


Joey said...

God has blessed you with Stephen as he did when he blessed me with Mom. Thanks for (FOR BOTH)your help yesterday and your prayers. Love ya. Dad

Miss Alissa said... makes no sense >:( Praise the Lord, He is in control!

Melinda said...

I'm praying for you guys! I'm sorry life is so hard right now. :-(

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