Friday, March 12, 2010

A Together Project

"I just want to DO things with you."  Such is a frequent comment made between Steve and myself.  With the craziness of inconsistent work schedules, various ministry responsibilities, and other out-of-the-house events, "doing things" is most often sitting on the couch staring at Our Mutual Computer.  We're rarely both energized enough to discover some great new project to do together (and my idea of a project usually involves fabric and a sewing machine...or silk flowers, or something).

But enter Wednesday afternoon.  We have been desperately needing a new printer since about September 2009 (when Mr. Wonderful was tired of kicking our other one into submission and finally threw it away), so we decided to venture out in the crummy weather to a place of civilization - also known as Best Buy or Office Max.  Best Buy ended up being Worst Buy, but Office Max pulled through and we emerged with a laser printer/copier/scanner, an L-shaped computer desk, a bookshelf and $120 in savings.  Hooray!  And we had a together project in the works to boot.

Then came Wednesday night and the unloading of the disassembled furniture.  After laying out all of the pieces for the desk we were shocked and slightly embarrassed to realise that due to budget cuts in Office Max's furniture production department, we had lots of pieces and absoballylutely no instructions.
"Oh well," said Steve. "Sometimes life is just like one big Lego project."  Away he went.  Pretty soon, we had the pieces identified, all of the hardware counted and most of it designated to a specific task.  It was a brilliant time of combining our brains and muscles (well, mostly Steve's brain and muscles, but I helped) to put it all together.

We didn't get mad at each other and I got to hammer.  Pretty swell.

Steve even figured out where the totally random bracket pieces were needed.  Brilliant, I tell you.

Now we have a marvelous desk for our computer and printer and random junk, and we had a grand time working together to make it happen.


Miss Alissa said...

Kudos to you and Steve. The instructions on those things are pretty pitiful when they DO have them. I am glad it was a fun project for the two of you:)
And yes, we should have a diaper making party:)

Lisa said...

It is a charming contribution to your already-adorable abode!

Melinda said...

How lovely to do something together!

I see a baby belly. :-D

BeckyLove said...

Ah! I Love how cute that shirt looks on your tummy, I love your short hair and I love your working togetherness! Such a grand event!

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